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Helping buyers in GCC purchase from wide range of food and agri-sellers

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Why Maalexi?

What’s in it for you?

Access to Sellers

Get your Sellers verified before contracting with them, and create Request For Quotes ('RFQ') to our vast database of Sellers

Seamless Process

We provide easy monitoring, anytime anywhere access, clear lead times and documentation

Digital Contracts

Get safe internationally compliant contracts directly from wide network of sellers for each transaction

Smart Inspections

ISO based Quality and Quantity Inspections that are executed and reported instantaneously

Access to Trade Finance

Get structured Trade Finance solutions through our network of world-class Financial Institutions and Fund Houses

Document Checks

Precise and automated documentary checks for compliance with terms in a Sales and Purchase Agreement

Solutions We Offer

Access new verified Sellers with best prices, mitigate Transactional Risks, and get longer Credit periods

Assured Seller Performance

Sellers verification can provide assurance of performance, and help negotiate better prices, and credit terms based on the capacity of the Seller

Request for Products using RFQ tool

Before making a Purchase, you may want to inquire with multiple Sellers. With our RFQ tool you can save time sourcing, and easily compare quotes from our registered Sellers.

Get best-in-class Shipping and Logistics

Get the best rates from some of the most reliable Shipping Lines, giving you various options to choose from for your Shipments

How it works

A simple 5 stage process to help you monitor every stage of the transaction on a single dashboard


All your transactions are contracted on our platform using a digital UNIDROIT Principles based Sales and Purchase Agreement, signed directly between Parties



Mandatory Quality and Quantity Inspections are conducted for every transaction by Maalexi - to protect both Parties



Access to information and documentation that you need for tracking a Shipment, and clearing it at the Origin or Destination Port



Payment is made against the accepted Commercial Invoice, and the Proof of Payment are provided



Buyer and Seller rate each other, transaction terms are matched, and it is then closed on the platform


Supporter and Partners

american arbitration association
YES Bank

We help you to purchase from verified sellers in top 50+ countries that contribute to US$ 2 Trillion global trade in Food and Agriculture

GCC Imports

$56 Billion

Food & Agri Imports

Global Cross-Border Exports

$2 Trillion

... and growing

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$1 Million ( Kg )

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1+ Million ( MT )

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