Our Vision - Democratizing Cross-border Trade and Finance

Maalexi is a USA-based trade and finance digital eco-system that facilitates both cross-border trade as well as financing of food and agricultural products. On Maalexi, importers can buy food and agricultural products wholesale directly from small and medium-sized suppliers, and exporters can get access to export finance for trades with credible buyers.

Reduce Risk in Cross-Border Trade of Food and Agriculture

We are making cross-border trade and finance more inclusive for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Food and Agriculture by providing them the ability to more easily engage in mainstream international trade. We believe this will improve the balance sheet strength of small businesses, allowing them to increase their income, and enhance the overall sustainability of global food and agriculture supply chains.

Get Access to Trade Finance

We address the financing gap faced by SME exporters by assessing creditworthiness on the basis of actual business performance, rather than exclusively considering the business’s balance sheet or net-worth. Our financial partners use the transaction data provided by our platform’s algorithms to provide financing, and monitor supply chain risks, to approved sellers. These twin capabilities make us a global gateway of choice for food and agricultural trade by small businesses.

Our Mission - Making Cross-border Trade and Finance - Faster, Cheaper, and Safer

Cross-border trade in food and agriculture is considered inherently risky as it involves perishable goods, where quality and quantity variations are common. Our digital automation and AI enabled technology platform enables users to have complete visibility at critical risk points of a transaction, and provides access to data to mitigate the risk of default or disputes. In order to provide these capabilities seamlessly across the globe, Maalexi has created a digital ecosystem of world-class partners.

The Problem with Cross-Border Trade in Food and Agriculture

Global Food and Agriculture trade stands at $2T and is an important component of ensuring the health and well being of global populations. None-the-less sellers and buyers, especially if they are small and medium in size, face significant challenges to participate in mainstream international trade, they sit on sidelines due limited or no access to international counter-parties and financing. Furthermore, they need to engage with multiple parties in a complex process, don’t have the resources, and they do not know the tools to mitigate all these risks.

Buyers cannot trust smaller suppliers’ performance, expect better payment or credit terms, and require continuous servicing of their procurement needs.

Due to low trust, the inability of small businesses to manage risks effectively, and engagement over long distances, many deals end up in disputes resulting in loss of time and money for both the engaging parties.

The Maalexi Solution

We combine cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise to mitigate risks and enable financing for buyers and suppliers. We use our technology and data to remove the barriers of trust, complexity, and access to finance that prevent small businesses from trading food and agricultural products internationally.

We help small sellers connect with credible buyers and undertake end-to-end transactions on our platform. The platform mitigates key cross-border risks for sellers and buyers by providing transparent visibility to transaction data supplied in collaboration with our digitally interconnected partners. Once the seller has executed a few trades, we use the transaction data to provide credit lines to our suppliers through our financial partners.

Buyers can connect their systems directly to the platform to get a continuous flow of goods from a global pool of suppliers. Suppliers on our platform provide competitive prices and payment terms due to the reduced risk and access to financing facilitated by Maalexi.

We also offer a structured and convenient digital dispute resolution process on our platform in case of a dispute between the two parties.

Why Exporters and Imports in Food and Agriculture work with us?

Maalexi is a zero commission fees trade platform where we are a neutral party, ensuring performance of buyers and sellers and reducing disputes. Buyers and sellers can both use the risk mitigation tools provided to transparently engage and resolve disputes faster.


  • Free for buyers to register and post their demands
  • We help buyers source directly from credible suppliers
  • We inspect the quality and quantity of goods
  • Buyers get better payment terms from financed sellers on our platform


  • Free for sellers to list their products
  • Sellers can check buyers using our verification service
  • Documents are cross-checked against the contract at every step of the transaction
  • We coordinate financial partners to arrange for export financing lines for the the seller.

Our Team

Maalexi is led by a team with ‘hands-on’ experience in supply chain operations, infrastructure, finance, data analytics and advanced digital technologies. We have diverse industry, and cross functional knowledge in both moving and trading goods in our target markets and deploying disruptive technologies for optimizing efficiencies across these supply chains.

Our development team is composed of passionate and ambitious experts adept in simplifying technological applications to resolve complex business problems. This kind of expertise and deep market knowledge allows us to design and develop UI, UX and the complete backend solutions, internally, thereby providing us with formidable advantage to adapt and maneuver our value-added services to fast evolving customer expectations.