About Us

Maalexi is a proprietary export oriented B2B, Distributed Ledger Technology (‘DLT’) based marketplace which assures delivery and payment in cross-border transactions of ready inventory. We connect Manufacturers (or Sellers) from Europe and India, to Distributors (or Buyers) in Africa. We bring together trading, brokering, processing, manufacturing, distribution and retailing companies to connect, and transact with each other.

Our Network

We deal with selected google product categories of ready inventory in reputed international brands manufactured and stored across ports, free-zones and industrial warehouses. All the items on our platform are provided by Sellers on: as-is (defined quality and quantity with no recourse after delivery), where-is (at a specific Seller warehouse location) and deep-discounted basis (more than 20% discount to prevailing market prices at the Seller location). Our business model is based on charging a performance-based deal locking fee, subject to deal fixation between the Seller and Buyer, making the whole model conducive to both the parties.

We secure Sellers and Buyers by deploying advanced cybersecurity techniques like ‘hashes’, which are output of a hashing algorithm – SHA (‘Secure Hash Algorithm’). Hashing allows securing the transactional documents like the standardized internationally compliant contracts, invoices, and export-import documentation. We have strategic alliances with world renowned companies which allow physical stock verification, event and documentary authentication, seamless payment and delivery services. All these partnerships and our proprietary platform and processes, allow us to deliver an easy, secure and reliable experience to our users.

The Maalexi Ethos
We want to
Make Trade Sustainable
by providing ‘digital gateway’ to move Ready Inventory from the Manufacturers to Distributors, addressing delivery and payment issues in cross-border transactions.

Our Strengths and Growth Plans

We are headquartered in Portugal, at the heart of European Union. Our presence in EU enhances trust of ours Users to undertake a transaction due to safe jurisdiction and an internationally compliant regulatory environment.

We have deep linkages to global supply chains that are anchored on cross-border trade flows from Europe and India to Africa. Our professional networks within the trading community, and European and Indian manufacturers, in our target Seller markets allow us to display and deliver some of the best Seller deals to Buyers.

Our strategy is aligned to enable the large and medium-sized manufacturers in Europe and India, to connect and transact with SME distributors and retailers, allowing these Sellers to penetrate deeper into downstream supply chain in Africa without having a local physical presence. We facilitate trade by streamlining the complex process and documentation through one single digital platform – Maalexi.com.

Our Growth Plan

Our market development strategy is divided in five stages, where in the first stage we bring Sellers from Portugal and Spain, and Buyers in Kenya and UAE. And subsequent stages involve adding more European markets on the Seller side and penetrating deeper into other African markets on the Buyer side.

How Maalexi simplifies your trade?

Maalexi connects Seller and Buyers to digitally contract, undertake inspection of goods through renowned inspection agency (Cotecna Inspection S.A.), get delivery of goods through globally-reputed fulfilment company (DHL), and conduct payment and settlement by safe and credible fintech platform (Escrow.com).

Benefits Of Maalexi

Maalexi mitigates transactional risks through distributed ledger technology for transparent and standardized terms of engagement, anti-fraud document authentication and storage.

Our Team

Maalexi is led by a team with comprehensive experience in supply chain operations, infrastructure, finance, data analytics and advanced digital technologies. We have diverse industry, and cross functional knowledge in both moving and trading goods in our target markets and deploying disruptive technologies for optimizing efficiencies across these supply chains.

Our development team is composed of passionate and ambitious experts adept in simplifying technological applications to resolve complex business problems. This kind of expertise and deep market knowledge allows us to design and develop UI, UX and the complete backend solutions, internally, thereby providing us with formidable advantage to adapt and maneuver our value-added services to fast evolving customer expectations.

Our Team