About Us

We are a proprietary platform that assists 'Wholesale Import of Food and Agriculture products into Europe, India and Africa'. We help small and medium distributors to buy food consumer packaged goods directly from manufacturers, and we aid manufacturers to buy agricultural products directly from small and medium co-operatives and processors.

We help buyers and sellers from European and African countries, India, and the UAE to trade Food (Consumer Packaged Goods), and Agriculture (Raw Materials), by utilizing the platform's proprietary digital processes, and partnerships that assure performance, and mitigate operational risks which build trust. We address operational risks like : Counter-party, Price, Product Quality and Quantity, Delivery and Payment, for our users providing them a seamless experience, alongwith convenience and confidence to trade with each other. We deploy advanced distributed ledger technologies to secure documents and events, and have partnerships with the world-renowned - Distributed Ledger Technology platform, Logistics Service companies, Insurance providers, an Inspection Agency, and a Financial Services fin-tech firms.

We at 'Maalexi' work 24x7, 365 days for 'Simplifying Cross-Border Trade' by addressing complexities in international trade. We simplify imports by addressing five main issues on the import process, which deter buyers to freely undertake cross-border transactions.

five main issues in b2b cross-broder trade

We provide instantaneous all-inclusive prices through our proprietary algorithms, digital contracts with verified sellers, stock verification services through our tie-up with the globally renowned inspection agency, integrity of delivery through our partnership with highly reputed logistics service providers and insurance agency, and secured payment options through escrow or cash against delivery, vide our partnerships with reputed fin-techs.

about us

We deal with ready to ship, food and agriculture products from reputed international manufacturers and processors, stored across ports, free-zones and industrial warehouses. Our business model is based on charging a variable performance fee which is incorporated within the price to buyer, and is subject to deal execution, making the whole model conducive to both the parties.

We are 'democratizing trade' by providing an ‘online gateway’ for wholesale imports, building sustainability across global Food and Agricluture supply chains. The Maalexi Ethos

Our Strengths and Growth Plans

We are headquartered in Delaware, USA. We also have operations in Lisbon, Portugal. Our presence in Europe assures our users to undertake transactions with confidence on our platform, which they know are conducted in compliance with a highly stringent regulatory environment.

We have deep linkages to global supply chains that are anchored on cross-border trade flows between Europe, India and Africa. The ‘triangle’ of these three regions, constitutes 45% of the global Food and Agriculture cross-border trade, but each of these trade partners have a low import share within each other’s import trade.

we focus on the food and agriculture, in europe, india and africa

Our professional networks within the trading community, and European, Indian and African processors, manufacturers, and distributors allow us to help our users trade faster, cheaper and hassle-free. By simplifying cross-border trade we believe that Europe, India and Africa will see an increase in trade with each other, which allows our buyers access and opportunity to avail better prices by transacting with sellers close to either the farm-gate or the factory-gate.

How do we simplify cross-border trade?

We focus on mitigating operational risks that relate to price, parties (counterparty), quality and quantity (product), payment, and delivery, by providing all-inclusive prices that can be fixed by click of a button, verification of parties through our fin-tech partners, quality and quantity inspections by international inspection agency, and delivery by globally renowned logistics companies, and fully secured insurance for the shipment from origin to destination.

Our Team

Maalexi is led by a team with ‘hands-on’ experience in supply chain operations, infrastructure, finance, data analytics and advanced digital technologies. We have diverse industry, and cross functional knowledge in both moving and trading goods in our target markets and deploying disruptive technologies for optimizing efficiencies across these supply chains.

About Us

Our development team is composed of passionate and ambitious experts adept in simplifying technological applications to resolve complex business problems. This kind of expertise and deep market knowledge allows us to design and develop UI, UX and the complete backend solutions, internally, thereby providing us with formidable advantage to adapt and maneuver our value-added services to fast evolving customer expectations.